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    Office Printers and Multifunction Printers. Smart Printing. Designed small to perform big at the heart of your business.

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    Improve production and reduce costs at the same time? We can do it. With proven tools from Xerox we can handle your print monitoring, supplies, support services and more. Whether you have two printers or two hundred, we will help you control your print budget, increase uptime and improve productivity.

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    VoIP systems provide more features at significant cost savings over traditional phones services. We make these complex systems easy to use, and can integrate them with your current marketing and social media campaigns to drive more business your way.

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Welcome To Consulting Technology Solutions

We focus on total information workflow to help you manage your data beyond copy, print and scan, to include voicemail-to-email-to-archive and storage. Let our extensive experience with document and print management, voice technologies and IT work for you and find the right solutions to fit your needs. As an Authorized Xerox© partner, we are backed by best-in-class technology and support across the nation. Contact us today to learn how managed solutions can help you increase productivity and control, while reducing downtime and costs.



Ideas generate more ideas. When partnered with your originality, creativity and a vision for the future, new technologies can improve your productivity and your bottom line.

Learn more about Xerox’ commitment to idea development.

Why We Love Xerox

We work with Xerox products not only because of their reliability and functionality, but because the company itself is an industry leader in innovation, support and sustanability. Xerox has strong beliefs on the value of good corporate citizenship, and we share those values.

Corporate Citizenship

We believe that serving our community is just the right way to do business, and Xerox agrees. To see how seriously Xerox takes those responsibilities, download their 2013 Summary Report on Global Citizenship or click here to learn even more.


Preservation of the environment for future generations (and an aversion to waste in general) informs the way we do business.

For additional information about Xerox’ efforts on workable environmental solutions, click here.

Primer on Printing Costs

Vibrant Color Output

Page Coverage

Printing costs are based on the amount of ink put on the paper, otherwise known as page coverage.  For example, printing the photo from summer vacation is near 100% page coverage in full color, a resume is more like 8% in all black, and standard office printing averages 15-20%.  When purchasing ink and toner, manufacturers typically list how many prints you can expect out of the cartridge based on 5% page coverage.  While your actual print costs will differ based on what you print, we can use those numbers for comparisons.

Really, really cheap printers

You see the ads all the time:  “Color Printing!  All-In-One Functionality! Only $99.99!  $89.99!! $69.99!!!  The printer might be cheap, but the printing isn’t. Looking at the fine print, you find it will cost around $275.46 to fill it with ink – plus tax.  The black will last for 4,000 pages and the other colors will last for 1,500 pages (at the 5% page coverage we discussed earlier).  That works out to around $0.15 per page for this particular printer.

Total Cost of Ownership

Let’s assume 500 printed pages per month – that’s roughly 20 pages per working day – all color at only 5% page coverage.  Over three years that cheap printer will cost $2,769.99 (assuming also that the printer lasts that long).  Printing more often, or printing documents with more ink coverage will only send that cost higher.

Your Printing Costs

You need to know what you print, and how often, to determine the true printing costs for your organization.  Oh, I almost forgot to mention:   Xerox cost-per-page is the cost-per-page regardless of how much ink is laid on the paperContact us for a free analysis on your print usage.

Xerox© managed print services provide outstanding color and black-and-white prints at a set per-page price, no matter how much ink you use.  Find out how managed print can fit your needs.

eConcierge Software Download

eConcierge Software Download

Gain greater control over your spending and service costs with Xerox eConcierge.  The Supplies Assistant lets you know when toner levels are low before the user does, orders right from your desktop and helps you earn free service on your printers – just for ordering your usual supplies.  Download the file below and contact us today to get started.


Strategic Partnerships

Our attention to total-information-workflow allows you to acheive greater productivity in multiple areas of your organiztion, and our strategic partners – like Xerox and others, allow us to acheive economies of scale for small and mid-size businesses.  Our range of services eliminates the need for multiple vendors and gives you greater control over your information, in whatever form.  We offer best-in-class:

  • Managed Print and Document Workflow
  • Document archiving and scanning
  • Managed IT and Helpdesk support


If you haven’t already started using VoIP phone service at home or at work, chances are you know someone who has.  Voice over IP services use the Internet to place and receive calls and can cut your communication costs by as much as 20-50% over old phone services.  We can integrate your phone system with your marketing and social media campaigns, and give you the tools to measure which ones make your phone ring and which ones don’t.  Your system can be on-site, hosted in the cloud or hybrid, and whether you need to own, lease or rent, we can provide the system that fits your business.

No Obligation

Contact us today for a no-obligation analysis of your office systems and communications expenses.

Business Cloud

Employees can now access shared data resources anytime, from anywhere, securely and without massive capital expenditures.  Available cloud services from CTS3:

  • File Sync across devices
  • Hosted Exchange and SharePoint
  • Hosted PBX
  • Endpoint Protection
  • Voice and Video chat and conferencing


  • Booklets
  • Brochures
  • Business Cards
  • Catalogs
  • Copies
  • And much More…!

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Who We Are

Consulting Technology Solutions is based in West Palm Beach, FL, supporting customers across the country.  Our team represents over 20 years experience with document management and imaging solutions.  We provide products and services to a variety of industries:

  • Healthcare
  • Finance
  • Retail
  • Automotive
  • Property Management
  • Legal
  • Manufacturing
  • Non-Profit

We have the experience and capabilities to focus on your workflows, so you can focus on your business.

A Balanced Approach

We believe in a balanced approach to integration of new technologies and processes, which helps alleviate the human capital expense and ‘change anxiety’ related to innovation.  Our strong focus on selecting the right product and services, end-user training and customer service allows us to implement with minimal disruption to the organization.

We also believe in the value of doing something right the first time, because it allows us – and you – to balance work and the needs of the business against the needs of golf…or fishing.

No Obligation

Contact us today for a no-obligation analysis of your office systems and communications expenses.


The Customer

We take the time to listen and understand the everyday challenges and ‘pain points’ for your business.  We provide innovative, but not overwhelming, solutions.  You need to focus on your work, let us focus on how it gets done.


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