What is Network Security

Network Security Company

What is network security? Multiple layers of security are combined in network security. Each layer of network security implements policies and controls. Only authorized users have access to network resources. Malicious actors cannot exploit or threaten the network. What are the benefits of network security? Our world has been transformed by digitization. Digitization has changed the way we live, […]

Network Security

Network Security

Network Security with CTS 3 Solutions Identity Services Engine and Anti-virus and Malware Software Malware is shorthand for malicious software. It includes viruses, trojans, ransomware, and spyware. Malware can infect networks and lie dormant for several days or weeks. Antimalware software that scans for malware immediately after it is introduced will also continue to track files in […]

Why VoIP is better than fixed phone lines

VoIP numbers are a great way to reduce communication costs and improve customer relations. VoIP  numbers are more efficient than traditional landlines and offer additional features that allow customers to call you free of charge. VoIP providers are becoming more popular with businesses. Many are resistant to upgrading despite the low switching costs and the fact that […]


Xerox is a great brand that offers many solutions for most offices, both in the home and commercial market. One way that Xerox saves money in office supply expenses is that they offer many basic models at low prices while offering more expensive models that have extra features that make the cost high. This being […]