Network Security
Network Security


Network Security with CTS 3 Solutions Identity Services Engine and Anti-virus and Malware Software

Malware is shorthand for malicious software. It includes viruses, trojans, ransomware, and spyware. Malware can infect networks and lie dormant for several days or weeks. Antimalware software that scans for malware immediately after it is introduced will also continue to track files in order to detect anomalies and remove any malware.

CTS 3 Solutions Secure Endpoint and Application Security

No matter if your IT staff creates it or you purchase it, any software that you use to run your company’s business must be protected. An attacker can exploit any vulnerability or hole in an application to penetrate your network. App security includes the hardware, software, as well as processes that you use to close these holes.

CTS 3 Solutions Application-first Products & Security Advisory Services and Behavioral Analytics

You must be familiar with normal network behavior to detect abnormal behavior. Behavioral analytics tools detect deviations from the norm and automatically alert you. The security team will be able to quickly identify potential problems and fix them.

CTS 3 Solutions Secure Network Analytics Integrated Security Analytics and Cloud security

Cloud security refers to a wide range of technologies, policies, and applications that are used to protect online IP, services, and imperative data. It can help you manage your security better by protecting users from threats wherever they use the internet and securing your data as well as applications in the cloud.

Cloud security solutions and data loss prevention

It is important for organizations to ensure that employees do not transmit sensitive information outside of the network. DLP (data loss prevention) technologies can prevent people from uploading, forging, printing, and forwarding sensitive information in an unsafe manner.

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Security breaches are most likely to occur via email gateways. To deceive victims and send malware to them, attackers use social engineering techniques and personal information. An email security program blocks inbound attacks and controls outbound mail to protect sensitive data.

Tips to Stop Phishing Mobile Device Security

Cybercriminals are targeting more mobile apps and devices. In the next three-year period, 90% of IT companies may be able to support personal mobile applications for corporate purposes. You must control the devices that can access your network. To keep your network traffic private, you will need to configure their connections.

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Our security products provide the information your security personnel needs to detect and respond to potential threats. There are many options for these products, including server software and physical appliances.

Identity Services Engine Web security

Web security solutions will protect your employees’ web usage, prevent web-based threats, and block access to malicious sites. It will secure your web gateway, both on-site and in the cloud. Web security refers to all the steps you take in order to protect your website.

CTS 3 Solutions Secure Web Appliance Wireless Security

Wireless networks are less secure than wired ones. Installing a wireless network can lead to putting Ethernet ports all over the place, even in parking lots. Protecting a wireless network is essential to prevent exploits.

Network Security

Network Security

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