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Innovation to protect our planet

Kyocera is committed to pursuing a harmonious balance between economic development and environmental preservation. We adhere to the goals of our worldwide Environmental Action Plan in developing office solutions with environmentally friendly and superior energy-and supply-saving features. While striving to maintain a clear vision in pursuing a balance between economic and environmental preservation, our devices are built around our sustainable ECOSYS technology, offering many hardware features and system settings that can dramatically reduce waste without compromising productivity.

Responsibility in the digital era

At Kyocera, our cutting-edge software solutions enable our customers to digitize and streamline their workflows, in the process vastly decreasing printing volumes. Our innovations not only help businesses boost their productivity, but they also help greatly reduce their carbon footprint, giving way to a more responsible position toward the environment.


Less waste, long-life, low cost

Sustainability has been, and always will be, a staple in Kyocera technology. Our ECOSYS printers, introduced in 1992, were the first cartridge-free system for laser printing. Since then, almost all TASKalfa and ECOSYS devices utilize the toner-only system. One particular characteristic is that no drum replacement is necessary when the toner runs out of ink, which means less waste, low cost and long-life.