Managed IT Service Provider
Managed IT Service Provider


If you are looking for the most reputable Managed IT Service Provider in South Florida looks no further than CTS3 Solutions!

Cloud Services
Use the power of the cloud to elevate your business. CTS3 Solutions provides multiple cloud-based services using state-of-the-art data centers and cloud technology.

Managed Services
Managed IT services provide you with world-class support and up-to-the-second monitoring of your network. CTS3 Solutions will be your complete outsourced IT department.

Security Services
Attacks on networks and malware are more prevalent than ever before. With updates, monitoring, and alerts, our services help protect your network on multiple fronts.

Business Continuity
You can’t afford to let unforeseen circumstances interrupt your business. CTS3 Solutions ensures the continuous delivery of critical IT services.

The advancement of wireless communication has created a mobile workforce. CTS3 Solutions will make sure your employees have the mobile access, security, and services they need to remain productive.

Cybersecurity is an undeniably hot topic for every organization – no one is immune. The ever-increasing amounts of data, servicing customers through various technologies and employing users who work with multiple devices and in alternate capacities keep security staff abuzz with concern. A simple security breach can very quickly cripple business operations. Being vigilant when assessing and responding to vulnerabilities is a daunting task, especially in a highly variegated environment. Additionally, the sheer magnitude of the security-related software, hardware, documentation, and potentially different approaches can make any IT professional’s head spin. To combat the frustration, an organization can apply enforced standards and practices.

An organization prepared to combat cyber threats is an organization that is positioned to succeed. The need for cybersecurity is an unfortunate consequence of the modern economy, but not something that should be dismissed or taken lightly. A focused approach using simplified concepts, knowledgeable points of contact, and informed employees will, in turn, make a proactive cybersecurity program that can continually assess, react to, and diminish threats.

Managed IT Service Provider

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