Xerox® Managed Print Services provide big-picture visibility so you can manage your network print resources more efficiently. With millions of devices under management, Xerox is a leader in Managed Print Services (MPS). Our MPS solutions improve the productivity and efficiency of your digital and paper-based communications. Customize the solution for your team, department or company-wide needs. Centralized management of your networked print devices provides real time tools that help minimize both effort and downtime.

Xerox® MPS Benefits
• Free up IT resources for more business critical work than the support and maintenance of print devices.
• Optimize efficiency with remote management and lifecycle management.
• Increase uptime with on-site service coverage.
• Streamline operations with centralized support for multiple brands and models.
• Gain visibility into print activity and trends with online tools to improve control and management of your devices.
• Customize your MPS solution for your network, print devices and operational priorities.
• Cut costs on print consumables, service and cost-per-page.
• Reduce energy use through device consolidation and upgrade.
• Reduce waste, order only the supplies needed, with no excess.

Managed Print Services
Get back time in your day. Why lose time every workday to print-related IT problems when you can count on Xerox to take care of them for you? Our certified Xerox® Managed Print Service providers can centralize management of all your devices—including printers, copiers and multifunction printers from multiple manufacturers—so you can boost your productivity and focus on your critical tasks. Downtime Affects Everyone in Your Organization Statistics show that as much as 25% of IT staff time is spent on back office problems and fielding service calls, many of which are caused by an outdated or insufficient infrastructure. Any sort of downtime limits productivity by keeping everyone—from IT to end users—from working on more strategic projects. Connect to Your Data Your printing devices were designed for networking. Why not take advantage of Xerox® technology to maximize operational efficiency, cost savings and the management of your print environment?

Xerox® MPS solutions allow you to tap the flow of information inside your printing devices and over your network. Xerox securely stores your printing devices’ usage data and provides easy access to usage patterns, trends, supplies levels and other useful information through your Xerox® provider. Built to be Easy
Simplified service and support. Off load printer support tasks. Our network of Xerox Service Technicians and Authorized Service Partners provide on-site maintenance, service and remote technical support to ensure your print devices are online when you need them. More efficient administration. Save time and effort with a simple, efficient supplies ordering process that eliminates inventory stocking and handling. Xerox® MPS print management software gives you real-time visibility of your networked print environment, with proactive alerts when attention is required. Place service requests online or by phone—quickly and easily. Customizable. With support for both Xerox® and non-Xerox devices, Xerox® MPS is ideal for real-world business environments. Your Xerox®
MPS provider can design a comprehensive plan that provides the best solution for your needs. Simplify Accounting and Logistics Budget control. Receive a monthly, itemized invoice for the number and types of prints made by your printers. It’s everything you need to review, reconcile, forecast and manage your office printing budget. Cumulative data highlights any activity excesses so you can adjust device use rules or even limit feature access if necessary. Cost savings. In typical office environments, the cost of every print orcopy varies widely based on how much toner or ink is used on each page. When service is required, scrambling to find help prolongs downtime, and when dealing with multiple vendors, minimum service thresholds can increase expense and response time. Xerox® MPS consolidates these varied expenses and support. Without Managed Print Services The Managed Print Services Advantage Multiple vendors and suppliers for consumables and service One partner—One solution Separate process for service and supplies One portal for service and supply status and ordering
Unknown print volume Monthly report detailing print activity Unknown and uncontrolled print costs Predictable costs Excess supplies on hand or not available
when you need them Automated alerts when supplies run low enable just in time ordering High print coverage on documents can be costly and unpredictable
Costs are predictable Efficiency with Less Effort Ask your Xerox provider for an evaluation of your networked print environment. They’ll design a custom solution to optimize your specific print, copy, scan and fax requirements. Compare it with your existing operations. Your Xerox provider will help you select the solution most advantageous to your business, balancing costs, capabilities, logistics, service and labor. Xerox® MPS solutions provide short- and long-term
benefits enabling you to make fact-based decisions to fine-tune your print environment over time to achieve and maintain the greatest efficiencies.

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